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Issue 81

Adriana Oniță, Matt Rader, Bertrand Bickersteth, Stan Rogal, Lee Thomas, PW Jarungpiterah, Janice Colman, Hailey Lexii, Ash Winters, Ann Pedone, Tyler B. Perry, H.K.G. Lowery, Leah Horlick, Libby Graham, Ben von Jagow, Thibault Jacquot-Paratte, J-T Kelly, Shaelin Bishop, Willow Gelphman, Rayne Weinstein, Christina M. Rau, Lindsay Poel, Melinda Roy, Melody Griffin.

On the Blog.

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filling Station (fS) exists to encourage emerging writers and to promote the creation of innovative and original Canadian poetry, fiction, literary journalism, and visual art. fS hosts an array of accessible literary events, and its volunteers are integral in the dissemination of wonderful new Canadian literature. By providing an alternative to more traditional literary magazines, fS remains unique in Canada and abroad.

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Canada's Experimental Literary Mag 

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