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Featured Issues: 

Into the Afterlife of this Touch (Issue 76): Guest edited by Canisia Lubrin, this issue features work from some of the best BIPOC writers and artists working in experimental forms. Including work by: Terese Mason Pierre, David Bradford, John R. Lee, Moni Brar, Larissa Lai, Sarah Lachmansingh, Hari Alluri, Kendel Hippolyte, Akshat Khare, Tiffany Morris, Subhanya Sivajothy, Jane King, Mervyn Seivwright, Sheung-King, Rachel Lachmansingh, Irfan Ali, Marshall Hill, Kate Foster, Trynne Delaney, Lauren B. Sanchez, Ernst Perdriel, Angelo Santos, Kim Spencer, Christina Sharpe, Khashayar Mohammadi, and Hannah Somers. Cover art by QRCKY Art. 

Here if you need me (Issue 75): Another exciting issue featuring work from Jen Ashburn, John Barton, Maddie Beaulieu, Jacob Braun, Karla Comanda, Zachery Cooper, S. M. Dziok, Rosemary Feighan, Rosalind Goldsmith, Kate Hargreaves, Salma Hussain, Sherry Johnson, Robin Knight, Erica McKeen, Kathryne Mok, Mia Ohki, Emma Pickering, Nadia So, Joseph Stern, Dale Tracy, and Laura Zacharin. 

Ritual (Issue 74): A special edition on rituals big and small, this issue features new work by Leslie Joy Ahenda, Lake Angela, Jessica Bebenek, Erica Cassidy Dubois, Mandy Forbes, Peter Grandbois, Katie Green, Lisa Gregoire, S.K. Ibra, James Knight, Jeff Kochan, a.m. kozak, Margo LaPierre, Savanna Scott Leslie, Madelaine Caritas Longman, Dan MacIsaac, Nate Maxson, Shane Neilson, and Elina Taillon.

Science & Tech (Issue 71): Exploring science and technology in experimental writing, this issue features new work by Kanika Agrawal, Madhur Anand, Jordan Bolay, Simon Brown, Matthew Burkett, Bob Canuel, Cerys Davies, Adam Dickinson, Kyle Flemmer, Hannah Hackney, Tyler Hayden, Ken Hunt, Stephanie-Januchowski-Hartley, Rachel Laverdiere, Amy Leblanc, John Liles, Alice Major, Michael Penny, Christopher Phelps, Maria Rovito, Alonna Shaw, Natalie Sopinka, Kevin Stebner, Aaron Tucker, Jon Wesick, and Helena Zhang.

25th Anniversary (Issue 70): Celebrating a quarter century with a retrospective look at filling Station by Marc Herman Lynch. Features new writing and art by Arthur Allen, Lauren Elle DeGaine, Benjamin Groh, Tasha Hefford, Jeremy Luke Hill, Jeff Johnson, Jeanie Keogh, Kyle Kinaschuk, Jeff Kochan, Fiona Lam, Winston Le, Sarah Xerar Murphy, Claudia Coutu Radmore, Rosalia Scalia, Ivan Suljic, and Fraser Wright.


Recent Past Issues:

Issue 73: Featuring exciting new work by Leslie Joy Ahenda, Sacha Archer, Conyer Clayton, Alex Dreppec, Mitchell Gunn, Mark Halpern, Glen Hogard, Kathryn Hummel, Katrina Johnston, Carol Krause, Ariel González Losada, gary lundy, Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah, rob mclennan, Geoffrey Nilson, Topher O’Shea (Christopher Frey), Christina M. Rau, Turandot Shayegan, Sasha Torchinsky, and Leng Ung.

Issue 72: Featuring exciting new work by Becca Borawski Jenkins, Jane Chamberlin, Patricia Coleman, Nathan Dueck, Nicole Raziya Fong, Michael Fox, Logan Fry, Adam Haiun, Kathryn Hummel, WhiteFeather Hunter, KB Kiraly, Zane Koss, Dawn MacDonald, David Martin, Deirdre Maultsaid, Cassidy McCants, Clair Miller-Harder, SP Mulroy, and Jessica Lynn Wiebe.

Issue 69: Lovingly redesigned by Nikki Sheppy and Kat Wowrykow, this blisteringly cool issue features writing and art by Sacha Archer, Greg Frankland, Franco Cortese, Demian DinéYazhi', J. Robert Ferguson, Allie Gove, Diane Guichon, Robert Majzels, Katie McGarry, Tim Moore, Erín Moure, N. Page, Meredith Quartermain, Nikki Reimer, Daryl Sneath, Carl Watts, and Kendra Zhang.

Small Press (Issue 68): Launched at the inagural Canzine Calgary in November, 2017, this issue puts a spotlight on small press publishers from Calgary, Canada, and around the world. Featuring work by Caitlin Voth, Colin Martin, derek beaulieu, Ash Connell, David Dowker, Paul Meunier, Stal Rogal, Mary-Ellen Campbell, Nikki Sheppy, rob mclennan, Karis Shearer, Kyle Simmers, Rosalind Goldsmith, and Erin Emily Ann Vance.

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