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Featured Issues: 

Underground Comics (Issue 63): Features experimental writing and underground comic art by K.T. Billey, Nicole Brunel, Deirdre Dwyer, Theo Ellsworth, Aaron Giovannone, Jackie Huskisson, Gordon Massman, J.R. McConvey, Arielle McCuaig, Maurice Mierau, Jesse Minkert, Lee Nielsen, Aaron Peysack, Nathan Pietrykowski, Scott Randall, Neil Scotten, Josh Silver, Alina Stefanescu, and Pamela Tarlow-Calder, and an interview by Peter Jaeger with Vicki Bennett.

Collaboration (Issue 61): Features collaborative experimental writing and art by Douglas Barbour, Michael Casteels, Caitlynn Cummings, Ali Alizadeh, Daniela Elza, Hannah Green, Randy Grskovic, Andrew Guilbert, Jason Heroux, Matt Hetherington, Sheila Murphy, Elodie Olson-Coons, Polly Orr, Pearl Pirie, Roland Prevost, Claudia Radmore, John Stinzi, Jason Sunder, Matt Trease, and Yoko's Dogs.

Experimental Women (Issue 57): Features experimental writing by talented women. This Issue includes poetry by Sonnet L'Abbé, Daniela Elza, Kimberly Campanello, Anne Germanacos, Kelly Malone, Catherine Greenwood, Allie Marini Batts, Kristin Hannaford, Sasha Krioutchkova, Fazeela Jiwa; fiction by Meredith Quartermain, Susan Sanford Blades, Vanessa Farnsworth, Kyeren Regehr, Alex Leslie; non-fiction by Tricia McDaid, Kathleen Brown, Sue Sinclair; visual art by Natascha Stellmach. 

Northern BC (Issue 55): Our Northern BC Issue, featuring written and visual work by some of the finest talent out of the north of British Columbia.

Indie Magazine Publishing (Issue 50): Commemorates 15 years of independent literary magazine publishing, and as such, includes some heavy hitting established writers alongside emerging talent.


Recent Past Issues:

Issue 64: Features experimental writing and art by Paul Carlucci, Joel Chace, Avital Gad Cykman, Just Kibbe, Spencer Knight, Bill Howell, Margo LaPierre, Rachel Laverdiere, MWPW, Jefferson Navicky, Benjamin Rader, Donald Raymond, Toby Reid, Rasqira Revulva, Aaron Schneider, Jay Smight Ali Znaidi.

Issue 62: Features experimental writing and art by Marie-Andrée Auclair, Aaron Chan, Elise Marcella Godfrey, Beth Langford, Judy Leblanc, Jun K. Lee, Madelaine Caritas Longman, Angus MacCaull, Mark Marczyk, Jordan Mounteer, A. S. Penne, Annie Reid, Gary Sloboda, and Nathan Wilson.

Issue 60: Features experimental writing and art by derek beaulieu, Kyle Hemmings, Taryn Hubbard, Heather Kai Smith, Kyle Kinaschuk, Roberta Laurie, Kristen Mueller, Polly Orr, Syd Peacock, Angela Rebrec and Josh Stenberg.

Issue 59: Features experimental writing and art by Yulia Aleynikova, Sacha Archer, Amy Bright, Domenico Capilongo, Emily Fuhrman, Helen Hajnoczky, Paul Huebener, A.J. Huffman, Mark Leci, Ed Pien, Carol Shillibeer and Emily Ursuliak.

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