filling Station accepts singular or simultaneous submissions of previously unpublished poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, non-fiction and art. We are always on the hunt for great writing!  Please note that Submittable is now filling Station's preferred method for receiving submissions. 

Before submitting to filling Station, please see our genre-specific submission instructions below. You must include a mailing address and short bio with your submission. A submission lacking a mailing address and/or bio will be considered incomplete.

Genre-Specific Submission Instructions

Fiction: Submit up to 10 pages (submissions at the upper end of this length spectrum will need to be of exceptional quality to be considered) to, or use Submittable. We receive any of the following fiction: flash fiction, postcard fiction, short fiction, experimental fiction, a novel excerpt that can stand alone, or a combination of these subgenres. Please do not resubmit or send send additional submissions until your first submission has been responded to. A submission lacking mailing address and/or bio will be considered incomplete.

Poetry: Submit up to 6 pages of poetry via. Sumbittable. If your poem is spaced in a particular way, please make sure to use spaces, never tabs, so we can accurately replicate your layout. A submission lacking mailing address and/or bio will be considered incomplete. Due to the high volume of submissiones, poetry submissions can only be submitted via. Submittable.

Nonfiction: We encourage you to submit experimental interviews, articles, reviews, and creative nonfiction. Please note that filling Station will generally not accept reviews of non-experimental literature. We are looking to engage with and draw attention to literature that pushes the boundaries of genre, form, etc. Send 2 pieces of any kind or a query to You can also sumbit your work with Submittable. A submission lacking mailing address and/or bio will be considered incomplete.

Art: Send 4-6 lower res samples to, or use Submittable. Include a short bio and artist’s statement; if interested, we will request pieces or additional work in 300dpi or greater via Drop Box or similar, or on a disc. A submission lacking mailing address and/or bio will be considered incomplete. 

Important Notes

Appropriateness: At filling Station, innovative work tends to be favoured for publication; we recommend reading filling Station before you submit. Subscription information is available below. filling Station does not accept submissions that contain racist, misogynist, and/or homophobic content.

Replies and Publication Timing: Please allow 3-4 months for the process of reply. After your work is reviewed by our Readers, you will receive an email from the Section Editor to let you know if your work has been selected for publication. Shortly following this notification, receive a follow-up email to let you know in which issue your piece has been selected to appear. Note that during the design phase, we sometimes discover the need to shuffle a piece to a future issue. We will keep you informed in the event that your piece is pushed back.
Simultaneous Submissions: filling Station is willing to consider simultaneous submissions. If you are informed that any work sent to filling Station has been selected for publication elsewhere, please contact the appropriate editor with this information via email as soon as possible and CC Email addresses for editors are shown below. Likewise, if we indicate that we have accepted work for publication, please inform other magazines you submitted the work to that it is no longer available. We recommend writers maintain a simple spreadsheet to keep submissions organized. filling Station reserves First North American Serial Rights which also extend to our digital edition.
Compensation: Despite being a small, non-profit magazine, filling Station believes that all magazines should pay their contributors. In addition to a complimentary 3-Issue Subscription ($24 value) and a discount on future renewals and subscriptions, filling Station, effective as of Issue 59, offers each of its contributors a small, $25 honorarium. 
Subscriptions: Please note that 3 Issue Subscriptions are available for purchase for just $24 - please see Subscribe. You can subscribe to our print edition by snailmail or online. By supporting filling Station, you ensure its continuance, and that means more chances for writers to be published in our pages. Donations are also greatly appreciated. 

We look forward to reviewing your work.

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