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Books Received up to October 2016

The following books have been received by filling Station and are available for review. We continually receive new books, so do check back to view the latest arrivals. We will strike-out titles as they are claimed.

The Hidden Keys (Coach House, 2016) – André Alexis

• 100 Days (University of Alberta Press, 2016) – Juliane Otok-Bitek

• Paper Teeth (NeWest, 2016) – Lauralyn Chow

Once in Blockadia (Talonbooks, 2016) – Stephen Collis

• Lost Animal Club (NeWest, 2016) – Kevin A. Couture

• Squarehead (Insomniac, 2015) – Brian Davis

• Poemw (Pedlar Press, 2016) – Anne Flemming

• Magyarazni (Coach House, 2016) – Helen Hajnoczky

Hard Work Cheering Up Sad Machines (Mansfield) – Jason Heroux

Documentaries (NeWest, 2016) – Walter Hildebrandt

Metaphysical Dictionary (Dumagrad Books, 2016) – Svetlana Lilova

Reading Sveva (Talonbooks, 2016) – Daphne Marlatt

Night & Ox (Coach House, 2016) – Jordan Scott

• The Broad Side: Reflections on a Long Life (Insomniac, 2015) – Eve Zaremba



If you are interested in reviewing a book, please contact our Non-fiction Editor, at, to signal your interest and supply a mailing address and other details so that we can make arrangements.

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