News: fS Welcomes Rachel Shabalin to the Editorial Team

2020-04-30 07:51:AM ago by kyle.flemmer

After two fabulous years and several beautiful issues, filling Station's own Brandon Teigland has decided to step aside as Art Editor. Brandon's guidance has seen an increase in the amount of art we've been including in our pages, expanding from one artist per issue to two. We've also been able to feature outstanding art in our Project Lab series (a first for us), and our distinctive, art-centric covers will serve as a hallmark of this era of the magazine. Thank you, Brandon, for all the conscientious and highly-organized volunteer work you've put in, we love ya!

Stepping into the Art Editor position is Rachel Shabalin, a member of filling Station's collective for the last several months. Rachel is a writer living in Calgary, Alberta. She holds a B.A. with Honours in English and Creative Writing from the University of Calgary. Her work has appeared in the Calgary Public Library’s Short Story Dispensary, the Start Up, LawNow, subTerrain, and local zine projects. She enjoys minimalist forms, kitchen dance parties, and avoiding her phone. She is excited to join the FS team, and we look forward to another wave of ground-breaking art!

filling Station is always in need of new volunteers! If you are intersted in joining the filling Station collective, please contact us via the Volunteer Application Form.

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