News: Submissions Roundup, September 20

2013-09-20 13:45:PM ago by jasmine.elliott

Have you already sent work to us at filling Station? (Survey says that those who submit to filling Station are more likely to get published by filling Station. Sweet!) If you have, here are a few other submission strategies:

Contests: There's still time before September 30th to try for The Thomas Morton Prize in poetry or fiction -- and prize money and bragging rights aside, they're offering BOOKS, too.

And more contests: Geist's erasure poetry contest is also awaiting your deletes and backspaces until September 30th. 

Open issue of the week: The deadline to submit to The Capilano Review's open issue is November 30th, and like a certain magazine you've already completely submitted to, they are seeking experimental writing and art. 

See last week's post for more game-winning submission formations.

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