News: Submissions Roundup, August 2

2013-08-02 12:00:PM ago by jasmine.elliott

Have you already sent in your submissions to filling Station? (Just FYI, we're pretty awesome.) While you wait for a response from our crack collective(s) of vetters, here are some other great neighbourhoods to hunt for real estate for your work!

Contests: Are you a queer writer who can spin a great first sentence? Plenitude magazine wants YOU(r) amazing opening for their Twiction contest and the prize is a free subscription. Check it out! 

Open issue of the week: Submit to QWERTY: they have an online submission system AND are open to innovative work about the zombie apocalypse. How can you go wrong? (Also, check out their Fall 2012 issue to see work by our former contributor Kevin Spenst, among others.)

See last week's post for other spots to submit!

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