News: Submissions Roundup, August 16

2013-08-16 12:00:PM ago by jasmine.elliott

Have you already sent in your submissions to filling Station? (If not, please do!) While you linger in prolonged anticipation (sorry, we haven't figured out the poetry-vetting robot thing -- yet), here are a few other places to consider! 

Contests: The next deadline for Plenitude's Twiction contest is coming up on August 24th -- do submit your brilliant opening salvo for a chance for a free subscription!

And more contests: Try your backspace at Geist's erasure poetry contest for a chance to win $600. (And at the very least, the contest fee buys you a subscription. Winning.)

Themes: subTerrain has a call for submissions out on the theme "This Carnival Life."  The deadline is mid-September, so get your Ferris wheels spinning!

See last week's post for other submission ideas.

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