News: Submissions Roundup, July 26

2013-07-26 12:00:PM ago by jasmine.elliott

Have you already sent in your submissions to filling Station? (If not, please do!) While you wait for a response from our crack collective of vetters, here are some other great magazines where you might want your pages printed!

General: We've heard a rumour (okay, so it's on the website) that the best time to submit to Carousel is in early August -- now might be the time to get writing! (While you're at it, grab a copy of Carousel 31 to read more by one of our contributors, Kathleen Brown.)

Open issue of the week: echolocationa magazine out of the University of Toronto English department, is currently looking for submissions for issue 13. (Shameless plug the second: you can also pick up echolocation 12 to see work by fS contributor Eric Zboya.)

See last week's post for themes & contests closing up at the end of the month.

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