News: A Healthy New Year

2013-01-06 11:33:AM ago by nicole.boyce

Happy New Year, fS readers! ‘Tis the season of broiled chicken and Bowflex, gym memberships and kale courtships. If your resolutions put health in the spotlight, you’re not alone this January. Exercise can be challenging for writers, whose main pursuit is a near-stationary activity. Keep yourself healthy by considering the tips below:
Respect your spine
There’s no need to pit verbs against vertebrae this year. Make writing as painless as possible by setting up a dedicated workspace with a chair and desk. The chair should be armrest equipped and lumbar friendly, so relegate inflatable furniture to more recreational nooks. The desk should be the correct height, with a keyboard tray to prevent muscle damage (click here for tips on setting up an ergonomic workspace). Practice good posture and stretch regularly; the internet can help you find desk-bound stretching routines. If this sounds like too much work, continue to write from your bed, but for the love of god, prop yourself up with a pillow.
Make it active
There’s no rule that says writing must be static. Break the cycle of stillness by taking short walks or jump rope breaks. Lift your limbs at random. Use an old copy of Don Quixote as an impromptu Skippet. For a change of scenery, take your craft on the road by attending social writing events like Hot Dates with Blank Pages (this week’s event will be held at The Central Library). Explore new terrain by using ‘method writing’ as an excuse to gather sports-related source material. Not only will these activities keep you from turning stone, they’ll recharge your writing batteries.   
Snack wisely
As tempting as it may be to use Ferrero Rochers as the ultimate punctuation, resist the allure of chocolate-based motivators – sugary snacks are no friend to health. Instead, keep yourself fuelled by preparing food ahead of time (think celery sticks, not candy bars) or introducing a ‘no eating while writing rule.’ The latter will force you to take regular breaks, which you can use for the exercises above. For additional ideas, check out GalleyCat’s list of fitness apps for writers.

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