News: Literary Recap Jan. 10-16, 2013

2013-01-16 21:30:PM ago by nicole.boyce

Already planning your post-parka reading list? Quill & Quire looks at upcoming Canadian non-fiction, short fiction and poetry in its annual Spring Preview.  
Kickstarter has become a significant force in the publishing industry, raising over $15 million for publishing projects in 2012. Following one book’s progress, The Domino Project asks whether Kickstarter really works.
In a crushing blow to Transformers toys everywhere, McDonald’s plans to swap books for trinkets in its UK Happy Meals. The change stands to make McDonald’s the UK’s largest distributor of children’s books. 
Contemplating your mortality? The New York Times looks at beyond-the-grave tweeting while Jeffery Eugenides argues for a posthumous perspective.
Librarian has been picked as one of CareerCast’s least stressful careers of 2013, keeping company with audiologist and dietician. On the other side of the literary coin, newspaper reporter has made the site’s list of 2013's most stressful jobs.

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