News: Literary Recap Sept. 20 - 26, 2012

2012-09-30 12:50:PM ago by nicole.boyce

Are you a basher or a swooper? Brooklyn Magazine talks work styles, snack breaks and Internet black holes with nine New York writers.

“Every once in a while in the history of mankind, a book has appeared which has substantially altered the course of history.” In honor of Silent Spring’s 50th anniversary, the New York Times looks back at the book’s profound impact on the sustainability movement.

Attention William Hungs of the writing world: is now accepting submissions for “America’s Next Author,” a writing competition modeled after American Idol. (Paula Abdul not included.)

If you’re looking for editing assistance, check out DocuToss, a free website for project-sharing and peer feedback. While you’re online, you can update your professional Twitter profile with these tips from Galleycat.

In a strange display of online hypocrisy, Julia Schramm – leader of Germany’s Pirate Party – is taking legal action to prevent pirates from distributing her book.

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