News: fS Archive Unveiled!

2012-09-26 17:11:PM ago by caitlynn.cummings

Our quaint magazine, and former Managing Editor Laurie Fuhr in particular, dreamed a great dream: a searchable archive of every issue filling Station has ever created, with information on every contributor who has ever graced our pages. September 26, 2012: dream, meet reality. Thanks to a generous project grant from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and the blood, sweat, and tears of Digital Editor Jen Spruit and web designers Structured Abstraction, we are thrilled to bring you the filling Station archive!

Click here to find the name of that poem your friend got published in 1996, or to see how many times George Bowering has graced fS’ pages. So many discoveries await you! Also, if you have contributed to fS in the past, search yourself and see what info we currently have on you; then forward a current bio, headshot, and permission to excerpt to so we can further flesh out the archive.

OK, when we said "every issue filling Station has ever created," we were only slightly fibbing. We are currently missing issues 9, 28, 29, and 45 from our physical archives; if you or anyone you know has a copy of these issues, please email stat!

Enjoy the archive.

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