News: Literary Recap Sept. 13 - 19, 2012

2012-09-19 21:47:PM ago by nicole.boyce

Wondering why you keep striking out with that sad garage sale story? Joe Hiland, fiction editor of the Indiana Review, discusses three types of story he’s unlikely to publish.

From hobbit-holes to highrises, dwellings play an important role in literature. The New Yorker discusses real estate’s role in fiction, with stopovers at Lanchester, Dickens and Franzen.

Lignin, moisture, bacteria – oh my! If you’re interested in musty books, check out ReAuthored’s article on the science of old book smell.

A fire at the Calgary Public Library’s Central branch has damaged thousands of books and a computer lab. The cost to restore the smoke-damaged materials is estimated at over $100 000.

This week in literary technology: a Jane Austen MRI, a David Foster Wallace endnote generator, and tech-savvy ways to organize your novel.

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