News: D. W. Miller is fS' New Circulation Manager

2012-08-18 12:18:PM ago by caitlynn.cummings

D. W. Miller

filling Station would like to welcome D. W. Miller as our new Circulation Manager. He now holds our entire distribution in his hands. If you have any circulation queries or comments please email him at

D.W. Miller is a writer sometimes, maybe, but mostly just a retail slave and starving student. His work has appeared (mysteriously) in a number of literary journals, including FreeFall, STOPgap, InkTank Magazine and The Midwest Coast Review. He also holds a (possibly stolen?) BA in English with a minor in Philosophy from Mount Royal University. When manifesting in corporeal form, he tends to reside in Calgary, Alberta with his husband Christoph, and two pets, Atlas and Benjamin. You can also find him existing digitally on the interdigimegaweb here and here.

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