News: The Perils of Warm Weather

2012-07-08 12:28:PM ago by nicole.boyce

July is here and with it, the kind of weather that makes diligence difficult. For those who create their own deadlines – including many writers – summer can be a challenge. With so many slurpees to drink, who has time for that chapbook?

Although submission deadlines find a foe in backyard BBQ’s, it’s still possible to be productive during the summer. If you’re having difficulty staying motivated, try the suggestions below:

Write outside

With the sun blaring outdoors, your office might seem less an artist’s paradise and more a den of inertia. To invigorate yourself, move your craft to a less musty venue. Park benches, grassy patches and patios are all excellent options. Once in nature, you can spend less time pining and more time producing.

Summer-ize your writing

If you’re feeling a disconnect between your story and the season, trying writing about the weather. Begin a new project set in the summer months. Send your current characters on a picnic. Make a game of your project – every time you hear an ice cream truck, start writing dialogue. If you infuse your work with summer’s playfulness, it will start to feel less like work.

Indulge summer whims

There’s no rule saying you can’t work and eat at the same time, and one of the great advantages of a freelance job is the opportunity for ice cream breaks. Beware toxic reward systems (‘an M&M per sentence’), but enjoy the season’s offerings – an afternoon at a festival can liven up your attitude.

Strength in numbers

If you’re an ineffective taskmaster, assemble a team to motivate you. You have friends – get them to heckle you if they catch you on Facebook. If you know other writers, get together to share goals and swap ideas. Getting started is the hardest part, but once you do, you’ll remember why you chose this job in the first place.

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