News: Refreshing Events For Weary Readers

2012-07-14 10:49:AM ago by nicole.boyce

Are you Stampeded out? If you’ve polished off your last pulled pork poutine, you might be seeking alternative plans this weekend. Calgary’s literary community has got you covered, with events as lively as any rodeo.

• Skipping Stampede doesn’t have to mean staying inside. Head down to Stephen Avenue today for the Downtown Book Market, a summer showcase of glee-inducing reads. With a kid’s reading area and vendors including Shelf Life Books, Owl’s Nest Books and Books on 4th, ditching the zip line has never seemed so thrilling.

• If you’re looking for fun but sick of the heat, search no further than filling Station’s website. Issue 53 is available online, and when you think about it, the Stampede and filling Station have a few things in common. Both are Calgarian. Both are wild. You can enjoy both while eating mini donuts. The difference is that you can experience filling Station from home, so hang up your cowboy hat, flip on your ceiling fan, and party like it’s July 16th. Yeehaw!

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