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2012-05-06 17:29:PM ago by jen.spruit

Things have been a bit wobbly around here. Despite some radical shakeups and unplanned delays, we’re proud to still be bringing you the cutting-edge writing and visual art you deserve, not to mention interviews, events, and reviews. Who doesn’t love the Avant-garde? What kind of person doesn’t physically require poetry? Who out there shuns good literature?

Lots of people, actually. It seems that many people are actually a bit squeamish about innovative art, and anything produced by an emerging author. Folks that I know, clever folks – all of them, tell me that poetry is impossible to understand, that visual art is trending towards the dark and vulgar, that short stories leave them unsatisfied. “I don’t know how you make sense of that,” is something I often hear, as if I belong to the glittering literati, and only those of us lucky enough to exist in this realm can take something out of art.

Has the reader been forgotten? Is it true that, like Ted Kooser says, many people are producing work for themselves and not in the service of art? Are we suffering from our own cleverness, writing ourselves into abstraction just to say, “I am the only person who fully appreciates the genius of this”?

Say it’s not so. Folks at filling Station have been pushing boundaries and developing their unique voices for over a decade now. Writers pull readers in new directions, and readers respond with their gratitude (or not).

You don’t need two degrees in each hand and a backpack full of the Western canon to ‘get’ literature. Those of us in the know have realized that all we have to do to appreciate creative work is sit back and take it in. It’s not scary. Sometimes you love it. Sometimes you hate it. But let’s keep it out there.

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