News: Literary Recap Nov. 15 - 21,2012

2012-11-22 21:08:PM ago by nicole.boyce

In a big week for book awards, the winners of the Governor General’s Awards were announced, as well as winners of the American National Book Awards. The Writers’ Trust Awards  were also announced this month; CBC talks to Nino Ricci about his Engel/Findley Award win.
Enough about what writers are doing right; what are they doing wrong? This year’s shortlist for the Bad Sex in Fiction Award includes Tom Wolfe’s Back to Blood.
From Bond to Skywalker, Alastair Fowler explores the science of naming fictional characters. For those who prefer a more random approach, Fake Name Generator will create a whole identity for your protagonist, including mailing address and blood type. 
Calling all gurus of Canadian literature: Quill & Quire has a quiz to test your Can-lit knowledge.
Writing getting too unique? The Up-Goer Five Text Editor can help you explain concepts using only the thousand most common words in the English language. A word of warning: even “filling Station” fails the test.

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