News: Literary Recap November 8-14, 2012

2012-11-15 22:47:PM ago by nicole.boyce

The Monkey’s Paw has a cunning solution to your midday cravings. Presenting the Biblio-mat Book Vending Machine: for those days when a Wunderbar just won’t cut it.
Remember when ‘doing the reading’ meant skimming the first chapter and memorizing the Wikipedia page? Sorry students, but thanks to e-textbooks which can track and record their readers’ habits, the days of lazy Reading Weeks are behind us.
If you’re coming up on forty and you’re still not the next David Adams Richards, don’t fret. Bloom celebrates writers who didn’t hit their stride until after they were over the hill.
Teaching brilliance and losing faith: The Globe and Mail investigates the rise of creative writing programs in Canada, while Albert Braz looks at the values crisis in literary scholarship.
“I refuse to cater to the bullshit of innocence.” In a lively and unforgettable interview, The Believer captures Maurice Sendak’s insights on death, immigration, e-books and children.  

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