News: Literary Recap Oct. 18-24, 2012

2012-10-24 21:37:PM ago by nicole.boyce

With spooky celebrations starting this weekend, it’s time to get serious about your Hallowe'en costume. If you don’t want to be Sexy Hester Prynne (again), check out this list of literary getups.
On the subject of spooky, Galleycat asks what happens to your Tumblr account when you make the switch from gabby to ghostly. Many sites will delete your content, so archive your musings if you’re concerned about your legacy.
Margaret Atwood is co-writing a serialized zombie novel and Stephen King’s “The Little Green God of Agony”has been adapted into a free webcomic. To understand why people love getting goosebumps, check out King’s classic collection of essays on horror.
Anyone can type “braaiiinnnns,” but writing a great zombie story takes more than just groans. Keep your fiends animated with Charlie Higson’s tips for writing the undead.
Too old to Trick or Treat? Celebrate Halloween Neil Gaiman style, by giving a friend a scary book.

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