News: 2 fS Holiday Events!

2011-12-05 20:05:PM ago by laurie.anne.fuhr

Open Words Dec 17 & Hot Sundae Launch Dec 18

What are you doing the weekend of December 17 & 18? Why not kick off the holidays with two creative events from filling Station! 

1) Open Words
    Saturday, December 17th, 7:30 pm
    Melange Gastro-Lounge, 644 6th Ave SW
    Admission by donation
    Facebook event

Open Words logo

Presented by filling Station, Open Words sets poetry to live visuals created by Jessica McCarrel and live music by an intrepid Calgary band (TBA soon!! Who will it be?). Yes, it's an open mic - bring your words and prepare not to only read them, but to find yourself part of an artistic experience across genres. Bring your friends and come be our friends. MC Thrillz (aka Angelo Tembreza) will guide us through the night.

Open Words welcomes writers from any genre or style, writers who haven't read their work out loud before and writers who are seasoned veterans, writers of all ages, 1% writers and 99% writers, writers who work at the pizza restaurant and writers who work in Fort Mac, legible writers and illegible writers, constant writers and seasonal writers, writers who wear hats and writers who refuse haberdashery, educated writers and self taught writers, writers who talk about their pets in their bios and writers who refrain, social writers and hermit writers, writers who dance and writers who can be coerced into dancing eventually.

Come be a part of it at Melange Gastro Lounge, 644 6th Avenue SW, on Saturday December 17th, with doors at 7:30.
Admission by free will donation made to filling Station Publications Society, the nonprofit supporting emerging writers. Cash or cheques accepted. Sorry, we are not big enough to issue charitable receipts, but we will issue a free issue of filling Station Magazine ($8 value) with every donation of $10 or more.

2) Hot Sundae Launch
     Sunday December 18th, 7:30 pm
     Auburn Saloon, 115 9th Ave SE
     Facebook event

Hot Sundae Mmmmmmm


There's a reason why this sundae looks so happy to see you. filling Station launches its third Collective Collection, a chapbook featuring work by members of the filling Station Collective, those indefatigable darlings of the avant garde. Readers at this event could include Collectivists Robert Swereda, Caitlynn Cummings, Josh Nadeau, Jenna Shummoogum, Laurel Green, Alexis Greene, and Jennifer Spruit, plus poetic visitations by out of town fSers home for the holidays! Also, come take advantage of Issue 51 presales and gift subscriptions at special prices. Great gifts for the creative people you know who recognize a free swag regift when they see one. 

Hosted by outgoing filling Station Managing Editor Laurie Fuhr.


Rap-X is the amazing embodiment of Micah Stone and musician Scott Munro in RAP form. It's not like any rap you've heard before - it's more about great stories told in phat rhymes and unstoppable beats than anything resembling gangsta or speedrap, but it still blings and spurts when it wants to. This music could be the soundtrack to the bromance at the end of the world. This music could get lodged in your ears from now on, opening a toolkit for those hammers and anvils. Avail yourself of amazement at or save yourself for a live first time.

RAP-X: Micah Stone and Scott Munro

DOUBLE FEATURE: Come for Revive, Kirk Ramdath's event gathering the greatest poets who ever lived and died at 5:00 pm, and stay for Hot Sundae Launch at 7:30!

About the Venue:

If the Auburn Saloon had cowboys, they'd be rhinestoned lariat twirlers. This is a swanky city lounge with rapidly blinking rural charm. It's in the base of the Calgary Tower at 115 9 Ave SE. A bright orchard, art walls, and your candlelit face await you.


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