Events: Recap of Get Literary (Aug. 26)

2012-09-05 00:00:AM ago by Jon R. Flieger

Normally when I do readings people do an okay job of separating me from the characters I’m narrating. People are always kind afterwards and sometimes have a few questions about the material, but they generally don’t assume the story I was telling was about me
This wasn’t the case a couple Sundays ago at the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association’s Get Literary event in Olympic Plaza. I read a story about a young man who bites a lady during failed naughty times and got asked a lot of pretty personal questions. And I think I received one offer, but I’m still kind of confused by the whole thing. 
I joined readers Shannon Lee Bennett, Marcello Di Cintio, Barb Howard, Naomi K. Lewis, and Fred Stenson in celebrating Calgary and Alberta mags. The day was gorgeous, the readers were captivating, and Calgary’s Poet Laureate Kris Demeanor brought the whole thing together as host and M.C. 
Big thanks to Kris and all the other readers for making a beautiful day even better, and thanks to AMPA and fS for having me.  We had a great crowd; about 150 people were kind enough to come out and laugh at my awkward tales of nibbles gone wrong. AMPA put on a great show with a fabulous sound set up, free magazines to sample, and a community poem being written one line at a time by Calgarians. 
Keep your eyes on Alberta Magazine Publishers Association and right here at fS for more literary events in Calgary. And if you’re a fan of manboys who may or may not gnaw the occasional clavicle or hipbone, follow me on twitter. 
Photo Credits – The very awesome Paula Trotter

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