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2012-07-23 14:38:PM ago by emily.ursuliak

Hot Dates with Blank Pages: Kensington Café Walk

August 4, 2012
Southbound Sunnyside C-Train Station

Hot Dates with Blank Pages is all about getting writers out from the isolation of their desks to experience writing out in energizing places in Calgary.

This time meet up with us at the Sunnyside C-Train station (the Southbound side). Look for the girl wearing the purple fedora and come up and introduce yourself if you don't know her (her name is Emily, and she doesn't bite, promise). She might also make a sign if enough unfamiliar people decide to come (which would make her very happy since she always likes meeting new people).

We'll be walking around the Kensington area stopping in cafés and other locales to write and consume unbelievable amounts of coffee.

Find the facebook event here.

Email Emily at: with any questions.

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