Events: fS at Wordsworth Camp!

2011-07-20 16:19:PM ago by laurie.anne.fuhr

fS presented a Zine Workshop

Wordsworth is a wonderful creative writing camp held at Kamp Kiwanis (near Bragg Creek, about 25 minutes out of Calgary) every summer, and also for several days each winter. It's for young writers across Alberta aged 11-19, presented by Young Alberta Book Society (YABS). In its second week (15-19 year olds), July 10-16, filling Station Managing Editor Laurie Fuhr (that's me), along with Edmonton magazine Other Voices board member Erinne Sevigny, offered the week-long workshop Call of the Wild Northern Zine. In the workshop, writers learned what a zine could be, looked at samples from micropresses across Canada, and learned various techniques for creating their own one-of-a-kind, DIY zine. It was a lot of fun but a bit of work, especially on Layout day, where students planned their zines on a set of handouts showing how their 'signatures' (four pages made from two) were going to pan out on their zines; and, on Binding day, when our gifted young writers learned two Japanese stab binding techniques and a few other binding methods. By the end of the workshop, the ten writers had created amazing, hilarious, heartwarming, wild zines! They also got to take home copies of filling Station Issue 50. Thanks so much to Lisa Murphy-Lamb and Wordsworth for including filling Station at Wordsworth! Also thanks to fellow instructors Derek Beaulieu, Shirlee Smith Matheson, Jacqueline Guest, Brendan McLeod, Owen Percy, Robyn Read, David Wilson, and Kim Firmston, who taught the week I was there, for making Wordsworth such a great experience for young writers and peers alike.

If you know young people interested in writing, why not let them (and their parents) know about this and other opportunities available to receive instruction from published writers and instructors?

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