filling Station's 25th Anniversary Party

3 months, 2 weeks

Join us for readings, prizes, and more readings as we celebrate filling Station's 25th anniversary!

Support SAIT''s Creative Writing Workshop from 6:30 - 7:00! Followed by celebrations at 7 pm in the Orpheus Theatre at SAIT.

Readers include:
Liz Howard
Joshua Whitehead
Suzette Mayr
Nikki Reimer
Benjamin Groh

Join us for drinks afterwards at SAIT's Gateway Pub.

Let's celebrate 25 years of experimental literature, publishing, and art in Calgary!

Saturday March 10th flywheel, 7:30 Pages on Kensington

11 months, 3 weeks

Join flywheel as we collaborate with the University of Calgary's Free-X English grad conference: SATURDAY March 10th at 7:30 for readings from Kim Fahner, Ethan Cole, Allison McFarland, and Neil Surkan. Flywheel is held at our wonderful partners Pages on Kensington  Read More

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