Vanessa Farnsworth

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Vanessa Farnsworth’s fiction has appeared in numerous publications, including The Dalhousie Review, dANDelion, The New Quarterly, PRECIPICe, Qwerty, and Reed Magazine. Her non-fiction has appeared in magazines across the country.


More Durable Than a Tombstone

Did I mention the shopping?
She buys knickknacks she never intends to unwrap.
She stores them in the back bedroom like exhibits in a museum.
A museum in which the lights are never shut off.
Spoons, dolls, stuffed animals, tea cups.
Not once does she think of the sweatshops in which these objects are made.
Not once does she think of the children who labour to sew the eyes on her bears.
She doesn’t even know that sweatshops exist.
And she sees nothing wrong with children earning their keep.
She herself had to pick peaches when she was a child.

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