Valérie-Catherine Richez


Valérie-Catherine Richez was born in Paris. Has always written and drawn. Began publishing her texts in 1984. Created and directedthe literary revue "Tout est Suspect", and was one of the editors of 'L'autre'. Publications include "Faits d'ombre" (1993, Fata Morgana); "Lieux de rien" and "Petite Âme" (1998, Unes); as well as many limited editions. Also works as an illustrator for her own books as well as others'. Future publications include "Échappées" and "Têtes réduites" (L'Improviste); and "Des yeux de nuit" (Arfuyen). Was the recipient of grants from the Centre National du Livre in 1994 and 1999.

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