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Ursula Jordaan is truly grateful to have her poem, "Winter Facelift", published by filling Station in Issue 53. Her other poems: "Phoenix Rising", "The Proposal", "What Lies Within"; and her short story "Little Lady Bug" have all been published in anthologies by Polar Expressions Publishing. Having graduated with honours from SAIT and the University of Calgary with a BFA in Drama, Ursula has transitioned into creative writing quite naturally and is using the skills from film and theatre to create her new works. She is currently writing her first play, All That Remains, and her first Young Adult trilogy, Children of the Sky. Ursula hopes to submit to filling Station in the near future and supports the amazing artists it publishes.


Winter Facelift
My eyebrows freeze first
Every crispy winter morning.
The air catches me by surprise every time.
Plastered to my head, raised to the sky
I’ve received Mother Nature’s facelift.
Guess this is why She likes 8 months of winter in Calgary.
‘All we saw were feet and eyebrows!”
My mother screeches with laughter.
Everyone giggles.
She loves to regale about my birth.
I’m 5’10’’
Size 10 feet
Thick, dark eyebrows.
Afraid to pluck.
Damn our winters are long.

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