Tim Kautsky


Tim Kautsky is a native Kansan currently working/writing from Tbilisi, Georgia. He teaches American literature at Javakhishvili University.


from Man or Machin
Q: How often are you angry?
A: Not often.
Q: Would you say more than seven times a week?
A: What is meant by ‘angry’?
Q: Do you have violent thoughts?
A: Can you give me an example?
Q: Do you think about harming people? Hurting animals? Breaking things?
A: When I am angry I tend to just clench my teeth and ball up my fists. I don’t think about hurting people.
Q: And you feel this way often?
A: Are we including things like losing keys? Frustrated? Everyone gets angry like that don’t they?
Q: Yes of course.

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