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Sue Sinclair is the author of four books of poems; her latest collection is Breaker, published by Brick Books in 2008 and finalist for the Pat Lowther Award and the Atlantic Poetry Prize. Sue has just finished as writer-in-residence at the University of New Brunswick and is currently completing her PhD in philosophy at the University of Toronto. She is the 2013 CWILA Critic-in-Residence.


Two Questions By Way of Afterword

CWILA was founded in 2012 when volunteers got together and systematically leafed/ scrolled through the 2011 editions of Canada’s major journals and newspapers. We counted the number of reviews by women and about women’s work as compared to those by men and about men’s work. The numbers showed a striking imbalance. This wasn’t heartening, but the energetic conversations it generated were. Discussions took off among literature lovers across the country as we grappled with the kind of question I posed above. And we’re still talking about it. Of course, asking why the imbalance exists quickly leads to a further question: what are we going to do about it?

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