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Scott Randall has previously published two short story collections - Last Chance to Renew (2006) and Charactor Actor (2008) - and has recently received grants from the City of Ottawa and the Ontario Arts Council to complete a third, entitled Parents of Children; "The Vasectomy Doctor's Online Presence" is part of that collection. 


The Vasectomy Doctor's Online Presence

Or, more likely, Potts struck out on his own because the private consultancy firm is simply a better business model. Treatments for a complex range of problems like erectile dysfunction would be hopelessly convoluted and involve any number of physiological, psychological, and pharmacological components. Too much overhead. Better to follow the examples of KFC and Subway and focus on vasectomies as a single menu item. Located in an affluent and growing family city with a large population of government employees who enjoy full medical coverage, a private vasectomy business is sure to flourish, and the operating costs would be very little. A few examination rooms, malpractice insurance, someone to answer the phone, and Bob is your mother’s brother.

This is reassuring. A doctor with such facility for profit margin is a doctor who could snip his vas deferens, Redmon thinks.

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