Sasan Ghahraman


Sasan Ghahraman was born in 1961 in Mash-had, Iran. Writing short stories and poems since fifteen, Sasan studied drama (acting and directing) at the University of Tehran before leaving his country in 1983 as a result of political persecution. After illegally entering Turkey and Italy, he came to Canada as a landed immigrant in June, 1984. His first novel, Gossal, was first published in 1994, and reprinted in 1996 and 1998. He has since published two novels (Cafe Renaissance and We said nothing to the kids), two selections of poems (Green and Color), and a collection of articles (Immigration of Culture - Culture of Immigration). Sasan has been a member of the Iranian Writers Association in Exile, once board member and its representative in North America, one of the founders and twice board member of the association of the Iranian Writers in Canada, and executive director and editor-in-chief of Sepi-dar, a socio-cultural Persian monthly, and the director of the first Iranian publication in Canada, Afra Publishing, since 1994. He is presently the editor of the short story and satire section of the Persian montly magazine on the net, Adabiyat - va- Farhang (Literature and Culture). His novels and poems picture the uncertainty of life, especially the thorn apart lives of displaced people; women's issues in Iran and abroad are among his main concerns. His new selection of poems ("Seventeen narratives of death") will soon be published in Farsi and English. He is the editor of Sepidar online.

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