Salvatore Difalco


Salvatore Difalco resides in Toronto and is the author of Black Rabbit & Other Stories (Anvil) and a collection of microfiction, The Mountie At Niagra Falls (Anvil).


Thomas Has Ears
The couple speak, but he can’t make out heads or tails of their exchange. They’re not whispering, just talking low and in some kind of shorthand. It’s annoying, to be sure. Thomas leans his ear closer to hear what they’re saying. The girl speaks at length.
               You know Tina, Donna’s niece, oh my God. With her thing, and the thing. Ha ha. You don’t know, Tony, you don’t know.
               And the mother peed her pants you said?
               Going up the stairs to the bathroom. She was walking so slow.
               Your father didn’t help? What was he doing? Was he in the house?
               What does that have to do with it? Was he in the house. She said she was tired.
               Okay, she said she was tired.
               Yes she did, she said it.

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