Saghi Ghahraman


Saghi Ghahraman was born in Iran in 1957, and studied Persian literature at the University of Tabriz. In 1982, following an attack on the woman's organization she was working with, she escaped from Iran and lived in Turkey as a refugee before immigrating to Canada in 1987. She has published three collections of poetry and a collection of short fiction: Of Lies (1997, Afra Publications, poetry), The Whore is the Savior (1998, Afra - Pegah Publications, poetry), That's all (2003, Afra - Pegah Publications, poetry), and But when you're lonely, it's painful to be a cow (2003, Afra - Pegah Publications, short fiction). Saghi has worked in Speadar monthly, and Speadar weekly's editorial board, and has contributed essays, reviews, short stories, and poetry to Persian Magazines and E-Magazines in Exile. She is a co-editor of Descant, Toronto's literary quarterly, and the coordinator of PEN Canada's writers in exile club. An aspiring photographer, Saghi has recently exhibited "Torontonian Trash" in Gallery 401, 401 Richmond, Toronto. She is preparing another show focused on feet and working on a novel happening in the outside.

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