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Meredith Quartermain's essay "T'ang's Bathtub: Innovative Work by Four Canadian Poets" was named best essay in Canadian Literature 2012. Vancouver Walking won the BC Book Award for Poetry in 2006, and Nightmarker was a finalist for the 2009 Vancouver Book Award. Matter, which came out in 2008, has been described as "prescient, daring." And Recipes from the Red Planet was longlisted for a 2011 ReLit Award in Short Fiction and was a finalist for the 2011 BC Book Award for Fiction. Her work has appeared in magazines across Canada including The Walrus, Canadian Literature, the Literary Review of Canada, Matrix, The Capilano Review, West Coast Line, filling Station, Prism International, and other magazines. She taught English Literature and Composition at UBC and Capilano College, and has enjoyed leading workshops at the Naropa Summer Writing Program, the Kootenay School of Writing and the Toronto New School of Writing. In 2002, she and husband Peter Quartermain founded Nomados Literary Publishers, through which they've published more than 35 books of innovative writing.



I who plays I collect worm food in a green bucket. I’m Green says the bucket, which is plastic and therefore not green. My worms – do they feel owned? – live in a plastic beehive composter – black – cone-shaped like sawmill sawdust burners or the coiled hives on honey jars, though I has only ever seen bees living in stacked rectangles or old tree-trunks, except the mason bees in tubes of newspaper gardeners carefully unroll so they can clean the winter cocoons of devastating mites – washing each one in eco-friendly bleach then storing the sleeping bees in Mason jars with holes in their lids like the air holes I punched in the composter for bacteria and worm breath.

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