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Mat Laporte has been published in journals such as The Puritan, Misunderstandings Magazine, Broken Pencil,  The Incongruous Quarterly and Rampike. He is the author of two chapbooks entitled Demons and Chance Poetics. He is the co-founder and co-editor of Ferno House, a micropress chapbook publisher. He lives in Toronto where he is an undergraduate at York University.


Danger, Gourds
The raft is farmed with a haulage of ooze.
               It will thew out, like life boats from Oolong;
               It will cuckoo to a culprit, like the ermine of lists
Pate. Why do stuff then now not time lax gas?
Orthopedics half plot, half lobe, half float;
               And hash is the kick with mope; and parch, mount with hope;
               And harvest code and cost beg camp: the fat
Is print spruce, Radar Mary, bring flow?

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