Magali Cadieux


Born in 1976, Magali Cadieux has been an artist for nearly 22 years: she started taking summer classes when she was only 7 and has been creating ever since. She finished her studies in graphic design, but her primary love remains painting. Cadieux chiefly applies acrylics and also works in other traditional two dimensional media, such as gouache, pen and ink, graphite, and oils. Her paintings employ a variety of mixed techniques and materials, most notably collage with acrylics, paper, metals and plaster. Although Cadieux is originally from Lasalle, QC, she spent several years living in Sarasota, Florida, where she discovered her love for visual arts while studying at the John Ringling School of Arts. Frequent travel throughout the US and Canada, as well as being an acute observer of human nature, have provided her with the ideas and inspiration for many of her pieces. Her paintings portray characters and people, the tonalities are hot, and yet the colors are honest and sharp. Her world can be as merry as it can be disconsolate, but delineated well; the landscapes are circumscribed, framed colors, rhombuses, geometrical plays. At the same time, a wild imagination invents characters, a family which will reveal itself little by little before our eyes. These are part of a single universe which is spread; Cadieux has the key to it, but the door is open for those who wish to interpret the world with her. Her interest in the subconscious self, as well as her desire to convey strong, deeply felt emotions, are both evident in her work. Cadieux's woork appears chiefly in private collections and has been exhibited across Canada as well as the United States and the Municipal Museum of Orense, Spain.

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