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Kyeren Regehr's work has been published in Grain, Room, The Malahat Review, Prairie Fire, The Fiddlehead, PRISM International and Hecate (Australia's oldest feminist journal), and is forthcoming in the anthology Poems from Planet Earth. She's been shortlisted for several literary competitions including The Malahat Review's Open Season Awards and Long Poem Prize, Exile Quarterly's Short Fiction Prize, Arc's Poem of the Year award, and was recently on the longlist for the CBC Literary Awards. She's completing her MFA at the University of Victoria, soon to defend her thesis (a book length manuscript genre-blending fiction, dramatic monologue, memoir, and poetry). 


A Suitcase Full of Water

She carries a large suitcase through a sprawling rose garden. The suitcase dribbles a leaky faucet trail, but seems to remain full. It’s heavy, but her chest and head are lighter than they’ve ever been. Sometimes the suitcase sloshes like a child playing in a porcelain tub, and for a moment she seems to be walking on white tile, through steam, and her son... is that her son in the tub? But no, she’s in a garden. There are Queen Anne reds, over there by the sundial, like those her grandmother kept. A familiar yellow gardening apron flashes behind the trellis, a trick of light? The suitcase echoes with the plop of pebbles dropped into a well. She passes a well, the wishing kind. Next to it, a plate of old fashioned copper pennies. She takes two, embossed with the year of her son’s birth, but she can’t formulate a wish.

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