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Kristin Hannaford’s three collections of poetry are "Inhale" in Swelter (IP, 2003) Fragile Context (Post Pressed, 2007) and with Paul Summers - Trace (Creative Capricorn, 2013) a chapbook of commissioned poems exploring histories of Rockhampton. Her writing has been published in a range of publications such as: Cordite, Australian Poetry Journal, Overland, and Award Winning Australian Writing 2013 (Melbourne Books). It has also appeared on ferries, and recently as Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service signage. Kristin is currently completing her next collection of poems thanks to an Australia Council new work grant. She works as an English teacher and lives in Central Queensland.



Something intentional, or conditional, a mood expressed, needing certain
conditions, like weather, or heat, a heart, a promised theoretical future, bound
by intent / if only she had ... there would have been... / or asked politely, a
question, considering the potential impact, like the arrival of a meteor or
tsunami, big questions relating to life and its discontents / what would we
have done?
/ perhaps a courteous tête-à-tête, the buffering of language by
convention, social expectations about the removal of a chair, or the opening
of a door, or / Would you like to? /

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