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jonathOn Wilcke is a writer, saxophonist, composer, and scholar who has lived in Calgary, Anpachi-cho (Gifu, Japan) Vancouver, and Claresholm. He has published two books of poetry, Pornograph (Red Deer Press 2004) and Dupe! (Linebooks 2010) and the online collection Sonnets from *Some* Portuguese (Papertrail Press 2010). His poetry appears in journals and magazines including filling Station, Fiddlehead, dANDelion, W, Ampersand, and Poetry is Dead. He considers his writing as an exponent of the Oppen-Zukofsky-Stein-Tish-L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E-MacLow-KSW trajectory of poetics.

As a saxophonist, Wilcke’s music ranges through strict compositions, free and structured improvisation, text-sound, and vocal accompaniment, in both solo and group situations. He plays regularly throughout Western Canada as a solo performer and in groups including Robots on Fire, ffffffft!, Mechanics Who Can Drive, and The Real Featuring the Unreal. His first solo recording, All Errors Included, will appear from UnCanadian Activities in the Spring of 2013.

Wilcke’s compositional practice includes creating improvisational strategies and music for small ensembles as well as song/performance settings of contemporary and Modernist poetry by writers such as George Oppen, Louis Zukofsky, Harryette Mullen, William Carlos Williams, Dorothy Trujillo Lusk, Bernadette Meyer, and Jacqueline Turner for trios, quartets, and solo situations.

In Calgary between 1996-1998, Wilcke was a member of the filling Station collective as a fiction and poetry editor who also contributed reviews and poetry to the magazine. He co-hosted the CJSW radio literary interview program Audible Mutterings from 1996-1999. In Vancouver between 2004-2012, Wilcke was active as a collective member of the Kootenay School of Writing while being a regular performer at 1067 Granville, The Cellar, Fake Jazz at the Cobalt, Kozmic Zoo, and other music venues for improvised and outside music. During this period, he directed “The Pppoetry Band,” a group consisting of Wilcke, Dave Chokroun (bass and vocals), Darren Williams (saxophone and vocals), and Nikki Reimer (vocals), which played Wilcke’s settings of poetry, improvisational strategies generated out of poetic forms, and sound poetry scores by Jackson MacLow and The Four Horsemen.

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