Jill Battson

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Jill Battson is an acclaimed poet and poetry activist whose work has been published widely across North America and the UK. She is responsible for the hyper-successful "Word Up", a series of interstitial poetry spots airing on MuchMusic and Bravo! that spawned a CD with Virgin Records and an anthology with Key Porter. Jill was poetry editor for Insomniac Press from 1999 to 2001, and has organized many well-loved reading series, events, and festivals, including "Fightin' Words", which literally put poets in the boxing ring! Jill wrote the libretto for Dark Star Requiem, which premiered at Toronto's Luminato Festival in June 2010; her third book of poems, also titled Dark Star Requiem, was recently published by Folded & Gathered Press. Connect with Jill and learn more at

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