Jenny Glozshtein


Jenny Glozshtein was born in 1991 in Israel, and immigrated to Canada in 2006. She is in her second year of Professional Writing studies, and hopes to become a book editor in the future, as well as publish her own work.


               We walk down a narrow path, flanked by blossoming trees with a scent so strong it fills all the air around. My parents and I enter a heavy door into a white stairwell, and climb laboriously on small, steep steps. I can’t imagine making that ascent every day. Webs decorate the corners, forebodingly hinting at the current occupants of the house. Soon enough, the spiders shed their shyness and run errands around us nonchalantly. The woman showing the house proceeds to the balcony, and then to another one, and then to another one. The balconies occupy more space overall than our entire apartment.
               We surmount another flight of stairs to the second floor. Its roof is triangular, American-like, and the ceiling curves lower and lower until you can touch it with your nose. Small doors that remind me of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland lead to a couple of storage rooms; inside you have to bend, and if you insist on continuing, crawl.
               We move there two weeks later.

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