Iraj Rahmani


Iraj Rahmani was born in 1954 and came to Montreal, Canada in 1983. He graduated from McGill University with an MLIS degree and moved to Toronto in 1987. Currently, he works for the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. He has published five books of poetry and fiction in Farsi: "Aghayeh Saad! Aghayeh Saad!" (Mr. Saad! Mr. Saad!, short stories, 1992), "Darya dar Mosht" (Sea in fist, novel, 1994), "Bar sagheyeh Hanoz" (on the stem of always, poetry, 1995), "Etefagh Ontorke Neveshteh Mishavad Mioftad" (The Incident Happens As Written, novel, 2001), and "Osameh, yek bediheh nevisi" (Osama, novel, 2003).

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