Hasan Zerehi


Hasan Zerehi has a BA in Persian Language and Literature (Jondi-Sahpour University, Ahvaz, Iran, 1979). He is Editor-In-Chief of Sharvand, a twice weekly Farsi newspaper based in Toronto with branches in Vancouver, Dallas, and Europe. He is a member of PEN Iran, PEN Canada, and the Iranian Writers Association in Exile, and a representative of the association in North America. He is a member of Canadian Journalists for Free Expression. Hasan has received the Ethnic Press Council of Canada Award (2001). Published: The Wish-Fish, and the Lion-Fish, a collection of short fiction, through Afra Publications, Toronto; and The Drums & Songs, a collection of poetry, Afra Publications, Toronto. He has written and published over 500 articles on issues such as human rights and dignity, peace, democracy, civil liberties, and issues of interest to the Iranian community in exile. Hasan has directed several plays in Persian, such as "Zar" and "Red Wind" in Tehran, Iran, between 1982-1984. He resides in Toronto.

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