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bEAULIEU is Calgary’s Poet Laureate for 2014-2016. His most recent book is KERN (les figures, 2014).


14 (untitled) - Art 15 (untitled) - Art 15 an editorial mapping - Editorial 15 (long)lines of communication: poetry, the future of the small press and what happens above/ground: AN INTERVIEW w/ rob mclennan - Interview 15 "WORD SCORE UTTERANCE CHOREOGRAPHY in verbal and visual poetry" edited by Bob Cobbing and Lawrence Upton - Review 16 (untitled) - Art 16 cover photograph - Art 16 bpnichol's "Holiday". A review by derek beaulieu - Review 17 (untitled) - Editorial 17 Treated Linguistic Components : excerpts from an email corresondence with Paul Dutton - Interview 17 "It's like sex and Christmas": a conversation in Purgatory with Nick Bantock - Interview 17 spine/less Staple bound-small press reviews - Review 17 rob mclennan's "bury me deep in the green wood" - Review 18 "a new medium immediately": filling Station talks with - Darren Wershler Henry - Interview 18 'BASINSKI': a zine for the Arts - Review 19 "The Inkblot Record" by Dan Farrell - Review 20 'dANDelion Magazine' Vol.26 Number 1 - Review 20 "sensory deprivation / dream poetics" by damian lopes - Review 21 "The Fruit and Vegetable Mystery"; "Candy" - Review 21 "This A Book"; "Snacks" - Review 22 the latter sounds like a rifle range: 'filling Station's' derek beaulieu interviews Alana Wilcox - Interview 22 pronoun woven fr. Erin Mouré reading Lisa Robertson - Poetry 22 Construction: a review of Daphne Marlatt's "Winter/Rice/Tea Strain" - Review 23 The History of Calgary Art Magazines So Far - Art 23 "Owing to inclimate weather, the social revolution occured in poetry": a review of Lisa Robertson's "the weather" - Review 23 Penetrate the frontal lobe to a depth of three inches: a review of Steve McCaffery's "Seven Pages Missing Volume One: Selected Texts 1969-1999" - Review 24 "Harvest: A Book of Signifiers" by rob mclennan - Review 25 "DK2: The Dark Knight Strikes Again" by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley - Review 25 notes from allover-spineless / staple bound - news in the small press (review of "Pyong Taek" by ryan fitzpatrick, "YARD #1" ed. Jason Christie, 'name #4/5', ",even" by Stephen Cain and Jesse Huisken, 'Farrago Magazine #1 and 2', "Western Suit" by Derek McCormack, and 'Underwhich Editions'. - Review 29 variance (august) - Poetry 29 fiberous: a review of Silmaril iritidan and Somnoptera (some copies also contain the broadsheet A field guide by angela rawlings - Review 30 (untitled) - Poetry 31 A matter of form: a review of bpNichol's "Konfessions of an Elizabethan Fan Dancer", edited with an introduction and notes by Nelson Ball - Review 33 'Communicating passages': a review of Craig Dworkin's "Dure" - Review 36 A Window for Debate - Nonfiction 36 Uncreativity: authors look to unusual sources for inspiration: a review of "The Weather" by Kenneth Goldsmith, "Woman's World: A Novel" by Graham Rawle, and "O Spam Poams: Selected Daily Treated Spam" by Rob Read - Review 37 Angela Rawlings' fantasy of language, butterflies and slumber - Review 38 Jacqueline Turner interview - Interview 38 'Real' and Riel: Chester Brown's "Louis Riel: a Comic-strip Biography" - Review 39 Adam Bateman interview - Interview 40 "un" and "yesno": Dennis Lee interview - Interview 41 (untitled) - Editorial 42 4 new books of visual poetry: "Soldatmarkedet", "Men of Letters and People of Substance", "Æthel", and "Bli Verden" - Review 43 Think Vocally, Act Numbly: Ara Shirinyan's "Your Country Is Great" - Review 43 Want fries with that? ryan fitzpatrick's "Fake Math" - Review 45 Robert Fitterman's Rob the Plagiarist - Review 47 For Kristen 2 - Visual Poetry 47 For Kristen 3 - Visual Poetry 47 A Quartet of Memories: A review of Frontenac House's 2009 Quartet - Review 49 "All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy" by Jack Torrance, edited by Phil Buehler - Review 52 Interview: The Text Festival (Tony Trehy) - Interview 54 Poets and Killers: A Life in Advertising by Helen Hajnoczky - Review 56 A caption without a photograph: Robert Fitterman’s Holocaust Museum - Review 56 You give me space to undulate: Amaranth Borsuk and Brad Bouse’s Between Page and Screen - Review 60 How to Start a Small Press - Nonfiction

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