David Goldstein


David Goldstein has published a chapbook, Been Raw Diction (Dusie, 2006), and his first full-length collection is currently under review with Canadian publishers. His poetry has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies, including The Paris Review, Epoch, Cannibal, Harp & Altar, Jubilat, 6x6, Octopus, Typo, Pinstripe Fedora, and In Posse. He teaches creative writing, Renaissance literature, and food studies in the English Department at York University.


Cadaverous Clara
Did you see her hair? The cylindric azalea gave immediate feeling
while dusky mortem exemplified the pansy of Midwestern elegiac.
These moments are preceded, one every month for a year,
each petal a talkative backstop to one’s insurmountable
descendants. Plankton are optic, a stubborn sawbelly, a tentative
test of the blood. In other words, pictures will destroy.

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