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David Eso writes manuals by day, poems by night. He is the founder of the Migratory Words writers' collective and micropress, operating out of a closed-down coal mine in Canmore, Alberta. He is currently editing a collection of love letters composed by Canadian poets for Tightrope Books.


Horizontal Surfaces by George Bowering
I liked the book. I liked Bowering in the book. I read it . . . too quickly. Here, a lifetime of reading is deciphered and the personal Cannon of our former federal Poet-Laureate is presented. Alongside the many names and titles, Bowering reminds us that the work is not done turning pages but by the hard thought that comes afterwards. Makes the years I’ve spent devouring bookshelves seem like running up the beach with a metal detector. O well, this book also moves at a good clip: 48 packed, punchy contemplations of life and word.
Cambodia: A book for people who find television too slow by Brian Fawcett
If the world seems to be accelerating now, it was well on its way in ’86. If we’re caught up in the cyber revolution today, the mid 80s were the peak of the Electronic Age. In Cambodia: A book for people who find television too slow, writer Brian Fawcett investigates the effect of the information age on humanity. He theorizes the corporate homogenization of culture as a willful program of attack against human memory and imagination. Many of his concepts about mass media and cultural control are shockingly prophetic to changes we talk about today as new developments. The miracle of this book is that it manages to delve into such dark prophecy and academic social analysis while being fun to read.

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