Darius Kinney


Darius Kinney is a recent graduate of the writing program at UVic. He lives in Victoria where it is easy to be inspired.


The Wind's Gorgeous Electric
from The Wind’s Gorgeous Electric
The world is always and you are a coldness. Trees warble
without answers. Going on, always you feel a cold part
of this. Like there are only men here. Leaves fall away the absence briefly,
and men are always beside the sweetgums and walking someplace.
The city thins most to just essential. So, men walk here without
jackets and this is a windy part. Think the wind’s grey timbre,
the wind’s gorgeous electric. It collects us together into no-see-ums
where AM waves carry truth on darkness and shake
with a lowness that sounds like a phonecan.
But you are a part and the night is attendant
and brings porchlamps. The light always draws them.

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