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Craig Visser is pursuing his MA in English with a creative thesis at the University of Calgary. He hails from the University of Windsor’s undergraduate program in English and Creative Writing, and is interested in cognitive semiotics and cognitive poetics.


Excerpt from "Review of Undark: An Oratorio by Sandy Pool"

If the erasure of past experience is what allows that experience to be written again, is the reader, having been unfamiliar with the radium dial-painting industry, implicated in the women’s fate? After encountering Undark’s regrettably compelling rhetoric, that may be exactly how we feel: “you must / ask yourself this: what would you like / to see in the dark? Fishing lures? Clocks? / Buckles on bedroom slippers?! Most assuredly you do” (12). Undark’s presumption of its readership’s response injects the reading act with a voiceless complicity.

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